Full Moon Reflections

October 24th  2018

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Since childhood (around 7 years of age - or most likely when I became conscious of the dreaming world - that's a whole other story!) I've had symbolic dreams to premonition dreams (dreams coming true) and I have learnt which dreams to pay attention to, and which ones are simply 'junk' dreams where the mind is clearing out insignificant information.

What dreams I focus on

Whenever there are strong energies at play (and this year there have been a few) I've noticed that I have been subjected to very strong dreams. And when a symbolic dream lingers on - being vivid even after waking - I know it has a strong message for me.  Yet I feel that the dream from the night of this recent Full Moon is more of a collective message for all, hence I have felt the call to share this.

The Power of the Moon (and Sun)

If you don't already know, I am a big fan of the Moon and it's energies. As science has already shown us, the gravitational pull of the sun and moon on the earth causes waves (in the ocean). So think about it.  If the Earth is about 71% water, and the human body has a range between 50-70% water; then just as the ocean tides are affected, so are we!  Now can you see, if the Sun and Moon can do that to the ocean, imagine the effect the Sun and Moon has on your emotions?  And in my opinion, it's a strong one! 

Moon phases

I try and notIce what cycle and phases of the Moon that we are in, because each Moon phase has it's own meaning. The Full Moon usually is about releasing and letting go of anything that is no longer serving us and hence allowing new energy to arise when the New Moon comes around. And the Moon phases are also interconnected to the planetary positions as well as to your energetic being. Everything in this universe is interconnected and this is something that was presented to me though a powerful dream I had during the night of the Full Moon.

My dream

I am visiting the home of a relative because I have been told that I must come and have a look at the 'new' kitchen that has been recently built.  When I get led into the kitchen I am informed that there has been a plumbing / water issue with the new kitchen. It must be a Sunday or something, because there are no workmen around, despite it being day time.  

As I am walking around, I notice a huge hole in the floor on one side of the new kitchen. As I look down the hole I notice that they had kept the old kitchen (with all furnishings and appliances) beneath the new one. Like stacking a box on top of another.  My first internal reaction is "why would you do that?".  

The more I look, the more I am not impressed with the new kitchen. The flooring looked like it was built out of cheap material and placed by unskilled workmen, especially as it was unevenly laid out. Now this is when the dream gets oddDue to the current plumbing issue I was able to look in to the old kitchen below. I quite preferred the old kitchen.  Especially as I felt it looked aesthetically better. My relative insists that the new kitchen is a millions times better and more beautiful. 

I am a little startled at these comments.  I mention that maybe it would have been better, both financially and aesthetically, if simply the old foundations were removed to build a new kitchen. My relative looks at me with bewildered eyes as if I have said something that was out of the ordinary! I am further sensing that my relative didn't want to spend any finances on removing and improving. 

As I am nodding away in complete disagreement and absolute disappointment, I notice that the wall telephone - in the new kitchen - seems to be cut in half.  It's as if due to the new kitchen, the old wiring hasn't been changed, and hence the WHOLE telephone could not be bought into the new kitchen (another dream state oddity).  So they had half a telephone.  The part that was in the new kitchen was the "speaking part" of a telephone, and the "hearing" part was missing.   

Dream analysis (with the Full Moon energies)

Upon waking my first reaction was "now that was an odd dream". And I left it at that.  But when I played the dream back (I do have strong dream recollection) I also started to think about the current cosmic energies.


I may get a little deep below, but bear with me. I will try and explain as much as I can.


Cosmically talking (and I have got help from my twin-sister who is a practicing Evolutionary Astrologer) with the planetary information here) the following were the energies at play on October 24th 2018:

  • A Full moon (in the sign of Taurus) opposite the Sun (in the sign of Scorpio)

  • The ruling planet of this Full Moon Venus is currently retrograde and is in opposition to Uranus

    • Taurus and Venus relate to relationships with the self, self-worth and personal finances

    • Scorpio is associated with endings and new beginnings.  

    • Uranus is revolutionary energy. It breaks conformity and celebrates individuality. (I told you, there is A LOT going on right now). 

Now I honestly feel that the dream seems to represent the rumblings and shaking of our foundations, or the actual need for us to do that, in order to create a better "self".  Otherwise if we continue with the old way of tackling things we will always have 'old issues' surfacing up - and we won't be ale to ". I feel the Uranus energies are forcing us to change our behaviour to release the old first, to make space for the new.  This will be true for you if you are feeling emotional, confused and sensitive at this moment in time. Current energies are more powerful because it's asking you not to look at things with your old lens.  

The question is, where in an aspect of your life is your own self-worth surfacing at this moment in time? What repeated pattern is no longer working anymore? Where in your life are you covering up old cracks?  

Now looking to the energies on the hand/palm the mount of Uranus is the space between the heart and head line.  Depending on the space between the lines, and how the head and heart line are interacting with each other; I can see how open you will be to revolutionary ideas.


With the current Uranus energies, you are all being asked to turn things upside down! Take new actions, do something you would not normally do. Embrace your individuality! What decision energetically feels right, and excites you, or brings you that sense of peace.


These energies are surfacing up old issues that you may have buried, and are asking you to clear it out.  I don't feel you need to spend weeks in self-analysis or counselling. (1) Become Aware of the situation. (2) Accept it for what it is and (3) Assimilate it - and with that I mean surrender to the actual reality of it. 


It really is about your own SELF WORTH.  In every aspect of your life.  If we are all connected to the planets and their vibrations, then the moon gives us all opportunities every couple of weeks to align and self-heal. You have always had this power.